On June 12, 2014, the United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled that individual retirement accounts (IRAs) left to a non-spouse beneficiary are not protected from bankruptcy proceedings. As a result of this decision, individuals who have inherited IRAs are now confronted with the prospect of not having these assets protected from creditors when filing for bankruptcy.

Hedi Heffron-Clark inherited an IRA worth about $300,000 when her mother died in 2001.

In October 2010 she filed for bankruptcy protection. In Clark v. Rameker, the Supreme Court ruled that
inherited IRAs do not enjoy the same protection that traditional IRAs do and are not considered “retirement funds”. Therefore she could not shield these funds from her creditors.

Had she consulted with us and an IRA Inheritance Trust been established, she would have protected the money from her creditors. If there is one lesson to be learned from this case it is not what you own that matters, but how you own it.

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