Jennifer Faust is a Family Counselor with Hollywood Memorial Park and Cemetery in Union, NJ. Here she discusses the benefits of pre-planning your funeral and how it can relieve the burden on your family or loved ones:
1) Please introduce yourself and where you work?

My name is Jennifer Faust, and I am a Family Counselor with Hollywood Memorial Park and Cemetery in Union, NJ. The cemetery has been in business for 100 years and is well known and established in the community.

2) What is your role / what services do you offer?

It is my goal and responsibility as a Family Counselor to assist families with their pre-planning needs. Below are several options we offer at Hollywood Memorial Park and Cemetery:

• In Ground Traditional Burial
• Cremation
• Underground Private Mausoleum
• Above Ground Mausoleum (this is more cost effective than In Ground Burial)

A special program we offer is offered where you purchase one cemetery plot and get the second plot at no additional cost. Also, we offer different payment plans that will be affordable and fit within your financial means.

3) Describe your most positive experience in your role in your company helping NJ seniors?

I recently had a couple called and made an appointment to come in my office to make pre-arrangement plans. They had heard about prearranging and wanted more information. After carefully explaining this process and answering their questions, they decided it would be a great idea to start the procedure that same day! This couple came to the conclusion that when prearranging you can control the cost and in the event something should happen, the immediate family, who is grieving, will not have to take on additional financial responsibilities. We developed a payment plan that was affordable and fits their financial means.

4) How can your company best assist seniors in NJ?

By choosing to pre-plan your final expenses, you’ll be able to completely control your personalized choices while keeping cost factors and family burdens (both emotional + financial) in mind. For more information about our cemetery options and payment plans, please call me at 973-452-4278.


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