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About Attorney Benjamin Eckman

Benjamin D. Eckman, Esq. concentrates his practice on Elder Law & Estate Planning. Elder law is intended to broadly assist “extended living”. An elder law practitioner provides the legal information necessary for persons whose lives will extend or have already extended beyond the time when all children are usually out of the house and when regular employment ceases. After the elder law attorney and client complete their work, legal documents have been drafted, tax considerations have been analyzed, and a plan to protect the elder’s estate has been implemented.



He is trustworthy, responsive and knowledgeable...

Benjamin has a lot of empathy for his client and takes his work seriously and expertly. We have recommended him to my husband’s friend who is also a licensed attorney in New Jersey to help his mother in-law with her estate planning. Our financial advisor from UBS thinks highly of him and stated he would not hesitate to recommend him to his clients as well as his family. Benjamin is bright and definitely knows his work. He is trustworthy, responsive, knowledgeable, and best of all kept me informed on developments on my case. I highly recommend Benjamin Eckman.


His area of expertise was well chosen...

There are few attorneys I have met over the years that have displayed such honesty & integrity as Mr. Benjamin Eckman. We have been acquainted for over 20 years. Our professions have crossed paths many times and I have sought his legal advice as well. His area of expertise was well chosen as he is so capable of offering people the most effective plans for their future. Above all, Mr. Eckman stays abreast of all new laws concerning the elder population, on both a Federal and state level. This enables him to provide the most up to date information to his clients.

Ronnie Greenberg-Kersner, MSW, LCSW

I can highly, and without any reservation, recommend the offices of Benjamin Eckman...

In September 2011, my dear husband, passed away. Along with the stress of having lost a husband, came the stress of having to deal with much paperwork. Although, I have a better than average understanding of financial matters, I had not the slightest clue as to how to go about filing the Inheritance and Estate tax forms that the State of New Jersey requires. Benjamin Eckman, a prominent Eldercare attorney, was recommended to me by a friend, whose advice I followed. I found Benjamin to be extremely competent, easy to interact with and non-intimidating. I really could not have been more satisfied with his professional services. Everything was taken care of in a very timely manner and Benjamin explained to me clearly exactly what had to be done. I can highly, and without any reservation, recommend the offices of Benjamin Eckman to anyone who needs any legal eldercare services.


He has been a lifesaver!

Benjamin Eckman, Esq. performed complex legal management for a family member that included a combination of incapacitating chronic illness and elder care issues. These issues included social security disability, state court guardianship, Medicaid approvals and establishing a special needs trust. He continues to manage all legal issues, offering solid advice and support throughout the process. His guidance and work have been superb, all approvals were received, and he has been excellent from the standpoint of legal expertise, timely service, and being a very fine, upstanding, trustworthy, and calming legal advisor. We highly recommend his services, and given the need to do this from afar, he has been a lifesaver!

C.L., Israel

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